Diploma In Culinary Arts offers a strong foundation for students who aspire to become a career – driven individual in the local and international culinary industry. A sound in-depth education in Culinary Arts.
It provides the necessary supervisory and technical skills that will prepare the student for a career in restaurants or related hospitality operations. It offers an entrepreneurial path to the graduate of this program to begin his/her own culinary business.


Diploma In Hotel Management provides training and skills for people to attain supervisory positions within the hospitality industry.
It offers real world practice’s to graduates who gain invaluable experience from state of the art facilities such Front Office Operation Lab, Accommodation Learning Suite, Hospitality Practice Lab and Multi Resource Computer Labs.


Diploma In Restaurant Management offers the expertise and practical skills required for students to pursue a supervisory or management career in the growing hotel & restaurant industry both locally & internationally.
It prepares students in their jobs at every level from the lower to executive level in the areas of hospitality, especially in small or large companies, hotel chains, business hotels & catering. Additionally, student will experience the essentials of foodservice connotation; basic restaurant and culinary skills that are significant to dining room management.


Diploma In Tourism Management is designed to produce qualified manpower to work in the operational and supervising level as well as entrepreneurs in the travel & tour business. A comprehensive curriculum for students to develop skills and expose the students to global tourism practices. Combination of theoretical and practical training including leadership, management and training for future career prospectus. An entrepreneurial path to begin their own tour agency.


Diploma In Early Childhood Education is designed to offer students with a wide range of knowledge on basic education for young children. The curriculum provides knowledge and skills development to establish a safe, secure and stimulating environment for young children.
Students will develop understanding on children’s developmental areas including cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and moral. Upon completion of this program, students develop themselves into teachers who become instrumental in nurturing and guiding young children.


Short courses

Short courses programmes offer trainings that cater the needs of Industrial professionals by enhancing their food service knowledge and management skills. The programmes designed include trainings for Chef, Hotel management, Allied health professionals and the management staff. The trainings range from one days to maximum five days.

Facilities & events

At MCHM, we understand the need for a condusive learning environment. For that, we provide a complete and fully upgraded facilities that will facilitate the students in their learning progress. The students will benefit facilities such as:

  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Library, Computer Lab and Resource Room
  • Culinary Kitchen and Pastry & Bakery Lab
  • Play & Child Development Centre
  • Front Office Suite and Housekeeping Suite
  • Student Lounge and Prayer Rooms
  • WIFI Facility
  • Chill cafe

    At Chill Cafe we serves Malaysian variety cuisines from Malay delicacies, Chinese, Indian, Asian Fusion, Middle Eastern and Western as well.

  • We are open to public, walk-ins and group reservation.
  • Events such as birthday celebration, organisation dinner and wedding are our experties.

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