Diploma In Early Childhood Education
MQA No :FA 12064
MOE Reference :KPT/JPS N/143/4/0107(FA 12064)09/20
Duration :3 Years
Entry Requirement:
(1) PASS SPM with minimum 3 credits in any subject; OR
(2) PASS O-level with minimum C Grade in any 3 subject; OR
(3) PASS SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) level 3 in Early Childhood Education AND PASS SPM with minimum 1 credit in any subject; OR
(4) PASS UEC with minimum B Grade in any 3 subject; OR
(5) PASS Sijil Kolej Komuniti AND PASS SPM with minimum 1 credit in any subject ; OR
(6) PASS certificate level in related field with minimum CGPA 2.00; OR
(7) PASS STPM with minimum C Grade (NGMP 2.0) in any subject; OR
(8) PASS STAM with minimum rank Maqbul level.
Brief Description of the Programme
This program is designed to offer students with a wide range of knowledge on basic education for young children. The curriculum provides knowledge and skills development to establish a safe, secure and stimulating environment for young children.

Students will develop understanding on children's developmental areas including cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and moral. Upon completion of this program, students develop themselves into teachers who become instrumental in nurturing and guiding young children.
Who should be joining?
  • School leavers.
  • Employees in early childhood industry.
  • Any individual who has the spirit or perseverance to work in the early childhood industry. He/She must have the full commitment, vision and belief that the early childhood industry would be a better career opportunity.
  • Career prospects
  • Teacher at Preschool / Kindergarten
  • Caregiver at Nursery / Childcare Center
  • Writer for Children's Books
  • Designer for Teaching / Learning Aid or Toys or Digital Story Book
  • Consultant for Interior / Exterior (Early Childhood Center)
  • Entrepreneur operating Preschool / Kindergarten
  • Have the opportunity to work abroad
  • Options for Academic Progression
    Students can opt to do the Bachelor's Degree programme in Malaysia or overseas and apply for credit transfers for equivalent subjects.

  • Bachelor degree programme in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor degree in Human Psychology
  • Bachelor degree in Special Needs
  • Bachelor degree in Counseling
  • What are the attractions about this Programme?
  • Employment - highly demanded with many vacancies available in Malaysia & overseas.
  • Hands-on programme - practice learning subject with real kids.
  • The programme's curriculum is equivalent to similar programme offered worldwide (internationally).
  • Salary guide for The Fresh Graduates
    Job TitleSalary (RM)
    Teacher at Preschool 1,200 - 2,800
    Consultant (Business & Management) 1,800 - 3,200
    *Salary guide is based on the market reference range for the job description, location and core competency requirements.