MQA No :PA 12065
MOE Reference :N/811/4/0395 (PA12065) 12/24
Duration :2 Years 6 Months
Entry Requirement:
(1) PASS SPM / equivalent, minimum 3 credits in any subject; OR
(2) PASS STPM / equivalent, minimum Grade C (GP 2.00) in any subject; OR
(3) PASS STAM / equivalent, minimum Grade Maqbul in any subject; OR
(4) PASS SKM (Level 3) in related field; OR
(5) A Certificate (Level 3, MQF) in related field.
Brief Description of the Programme
The Diploma In Restaurant Management (2u2i) is a job-based learning programme that combines college & industry learning methods (1.5 years in campus & 1 years in industry). 2u2i programme will prepare and increase student readiness and produce qualified manpower at the operational, supervisory levels as well as entrepreneurs in the Foodservice business.

In addition to widening the range of courses related to the tourism and hospitality industry offered by Malaysian College of Hospitality and Management, it is also aimed at upgrading the quality and competencies of the workforce in this vital economic area. The programme of study will produce graduates with the skills necessary to operate and manage a food catering business. These include knowledge and practical exposure in food preparation and delivery in mass quantity, marketing, human resources management, accounting and food product development. Strategically, it should help in positioning the nation as a center of excellence in the halal foodservice and food catering business.
Who should be joining?
  • School leavers.
  • Employees of foodservice industry.
  • Any individual who has the spirit or perseverance to work in the culinary industry. He/She must have the full commitment, vision and belief that the culinary industry would be a better career opportunity.
  • Career prospects
  • Banquet Server / Bartender
  • Supervisory / Convention Set-up Lead / Banquet Captain
  • Restaurant Manager / Banquet Manager / Beverage Manager
  • Entrepreneur operating restaurant / caterer / food truck
  • Foodservice in health / medical / army and many more institutions
  • Have the opportunity to work abroad
  • Options for Academic Progression
    Students may pursue study and progress in such programmes at offering universities locally and internationally.

  • Bachelor degree programme in Food & Beverage
  • Bachelor degree programme in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor degree programme in Restaurant Management
  • What are the attractions about this Programme?
  • Industry oriented curricullum structure.
  • Develop specialist knowledge, theory and skills by using the workplace as a context for project-based or practice evidenced learning.
  • Achieve a positive attitude toward work and co-workers as well as improve interpersonal skills resulting from 2u2i with experienced worker.
  • Knowledge on specialised forms of service: Service in Situ / Floor-Room Service / Lounge Service / Hospital Tray Service / Home Delivery / Airline Tray Service / Rail Service.
  • Industry experienced lecturers.
  • Aid progression for students after graduation.
  • Salary guide for The Fresh Graduates
    Job TitleSalary (RM)
    Waiter / Front of House1,300
    Bartender / Cook 1,800
    Foodservice Manager> 2,500
    Restaurant Manager> 4,000
    *Salary guide is based on the market reference range for the job description, location and core competency requirements.