Diploma In Restaurant Management
MQA No :FA 0590
MOE Reference :KPT/JPS R/811/4/0030(FA 0590)08/21
Duration :3 Years
Entry Requirement:
(1) PASS SPM / equivalent, minimum 3 credits in any subject; OR
(2) PASS STPM / equivalent, minimum Grade C (GP 2.00) in any subject; OR
(3) PASS STAM / equivalent, minimum Grade Maqbul in any subject; OR
(4) PASS SKM (Level 3) in related field; OR
(5) A Certificate (Level 3, MQF) in related field.
Brief Description of the Programme
This programme offers the expertise and practical skills required for students to pursue a supervisory or management career in the growing hotel & restaurant industry both locally & internationally.

It prepares students in their jobs at every level from the lower to executive level in the areas of hospitality, especially in small or large companies, hotel chains, business hotels & catering. Additionally, student will experience the essentials of foodservice connotation; basic restaurant and culinary skills that are significant to dining room management.
Who should be joining?
  • School leavers.
  • Employees of foodservice industry.
  • Any individual who has the spirit or perseverance to work in the culinary industry. He/She must have the full commitment, vision and belief that the culinary industry would be a better career opportunity.
  • Career prospects
  • Banquet Server / Bartender
  • Supervisory / Convention Set-up Lead / Banquet Captain
  • Restaurant Manager / Banquet Manager / Beverage Manager
  • Entrepreneur operating restaurant / caterer / food truck
  • Foodservice in health / medical / army and many more institutions
  • Have the opportunity to work abroad
  • Options for Academic Progression
    Students may pursue study and progress in such programmes at offering universities locally and internationally.

  • Bachelor degree programme in Food & Beverage
  • Bachelor degree programme in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor degree programme in Restaurant Management
  • What are the attractions about this Programme?
  • Industry oriented curricullum structure.
  • They will be able to learn about beverages.
  • Fine dining, Flambee, Gueridon Service, Carving, Jointing and Filleting.
  • Knowledge on specialised forms of service: Service in Situ / Floor-Room Service / Lounge Service / Hospital Tray Service / Home Delivery / Airline Tray Service / Rail Service.
  • Industry experienced lecturers.
  • Salary guide for The Fresh Graduates
    Job TitleSalary (RM)
    Bartender 1,500
    Restaurant Manager> 4,000
    *Salary guide is based on the market reference range for the job description, location and core competency requirements.